Blinded (Fan Theory/Headcanon)

Lucien Added on January 12, 2018


I made this doodle from this theory about how Lucien died/why his eyes are white. First TL;DR: Lucien is blinded by his old gang, and he was taken into Valhalla by Brynn.

Second TL;DR, my headcanon is that he’s blind. Characters with white eyes have something to do with losing their eyesight/getting some spiritual insight of some sort (eg: Queen Nai, Wu Shang), so he probably lost his eyesight in some way.

However, Yumiko is blind but she just has faded eyes. So if Lucien were blind, wouldn’t his eyes be like that? Well, not really. My theory is that the group of thieves he betrayed came back for him, which is why he died. But what about his eyes? Chances are he turned blind before he died, so they probably… Plucked out his eyeballs or something, hence making his eyes white.

Another theory is that Lucien is the third person Brynn brought to Valhalla. She mentioned bringing a minotaur, and Lucien asked her about where she got Asuri from in Asuri’s lore. So, it’s confirmed that Brynn brought Teros and Asuri. What about the third person? My guess that it’s Lucien, because 1) He came out around the same time Teros and Asuri did. 2) Brynn said that she saw greatness where others didn’t, and if you think about it Lucien’s lore isn’t as magnificent or bold as the other legends’. Everyone has great feats like fighting in a war or raiding an area themselves, while Lucien just… Stole stuff. 3) This one is almost purely headcanon but judging by how Lucien chats with Brynn, they probably have some sort of friendship which can be because Brynn brought Lucien to Valhalla. (Also, as for Yumiko, it was only stated that a valkyrie brought her to Valhalla. It was never specified.)

So yeah there’s my take on it lol. If you want to read the full (and kinda cringe?) version it’s here. Also, this is my first time doing something on this site so…

Yeah! Please ask me permission before using my artwork and credit me! :)


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