Brynhildr (Fan Theory/Headcanon)

Brynn Added on January 12, 2018


Headcanon: Brynn’s (Valkyrie) name is actually Brynhildr (which means armour/bright battle and in Norse mythology is surprise: a shield-maiden) but everyone just calls her Brynn to make life easier.

This is how I sorta imagine what Brynn will look like without her helmet. She’s said to be super charming and beautiful, so, well, she should look pretty decent. With her helmet on, I imagine that her hair is pulled back (sorta like a hairband or something) and her hair is tied into a ponytail, giving her a warrior-like look. Without it, her hair falls back down naturally lol. I’m pretty sure Brynn is supposed to look young as well (I guess human-valkyries ‘age’ from being a baby to some young adult and then just stay that way, lol) because Norse logic lol.

Oh and lemme throw in another headcanon as well: Brynn doesn’t have ‘true valkyrie wings’. All the other valkyries have legit wings that are all feathered and physical but for Brynn, a half valkyrie, only has wings that are made of magic (hence why she can make them appear/disappear), which makes it harder for her to learn to fly since they aren’t as powerful as normal valkyrie wings. She trains her wings by carrying her freaking huge-ass axe as she flies lol.

Man why do I have so many theories. Is there a thread about them?

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