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      Welcome to the Brawlspot forums!

      Quick run down on some useful features before I get into anything serious:

      If you are unsure of where to post, please hover over the “?” icon beside each sub forum to see the general description of what the sub forum is to have.

      To tag another user in a post use “@” before the username, for example: @xenon

      Doing this will notify the user you have tagged personally and show them where they have been tagged.

      If you are posting from the main forums page, please be sure to click on the orange drop down and select the sub forum before submitting. Otherwise click on a sub forum to look inside and make the post from there.

      The forums are to be used as a gateway for communication among other members of the site, please try and keep everything organized per each category that has been created. We may move or even remove posts that are not in the correct category so please do your part and make sure your post is on topic per sub forum.

      We at Brawlspot want to ensure that everyone has a rightful freedom here to post as they please, we want to keep rules to a minimum. However please try and follow the following guidelines below to keep chaos to a minimum.

      To ensure that everyone is within fair use when using the forums it’s important to please read and go over the following rules and guidelines:

      • Please post in the correct sub forum.
      • Do not spam threads/posts.
      • Vulgar language is OKAY, but please do not use it in a hostile manner.
      • Do not bully/harass other users with hostile intent.
      • Please refrain from using racial language, DO NOT use racial language with hostile intent.

      Breaking these rules will result in a temp/perm ban. If it seems like a bad idea to post something then it probably is, posting with pure intention to bully or hurt other players will not be tolerated.


      These rules may be edited/changed in the future, so please be aware of any announcements posted about potential changes and check them here.

      If there are any questions or concerns regarding rules/informational help, please be sure to check the following locations BEFORE asking an administrator for help personally:

      About Us

      Contact Us

      If there is no other answer or solution please contact me personally at:


      You may send me private message by going to my profile, but this is not the best way to get into contact with me for urgent matters. Please use the email instead.

      Thank you for reading, now start posting!

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