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Legend Rotation


2.17 Patch Notes

New legend, Kor - the first legend with the new weapon, Gauntlets! New UI, dodge changes, and more!

From official website: We’re very excited to be releasing Gauntlets and our new Legend Kor today! Gauntlets are a fast, close range, high speed, low damage weapon that lends itself well to players who prefer rushdowns and mixups. We’re really excited to see what the community will be able to do with this new weapon, (Post those GIFs!) and hope that everyone will have fun with this new addition the weapon arsenal of Brawlhalla.

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Brawlspot exclusive events coming soon. All events will be free to enter with a cash prize pool. Along with taking home the cash prize, winners will also have a special place in the Brawlspot community for eternal glory! Stay tuned for further announcements!

Currently, you can participate in the many community made tournaments.

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