I found a bug on the website, who do I contact?
If you found any bugs or errors on the website, please contact the Webmaster directly. If you suspect the bug is minor or if there are any tweaks needed, the forum is regularly checked so you may post here.
How do I become a mod?
If we expand in the future we will be sure look for more moderators. We will make sure to post a notice/announcement when we are looking for moderators.
Can I help?
Brawlspot was started by a fan FOR other fans of Brawlhalla, of course you can help! Please drop a line to chuyqwerty to see how you can help out. Currently, we would need help to complete the “Legends” section as well as the “Videos” section of the website.
Where is the sidebar in the mobile version?
For optimal user experience, the sidebar can be toggled on and off by clicking the orange circle button located at the lower-left corner. This felt like a better alternative than making users scroll all the way to the bottom to see the sidebar.
Why is the hover background for the profile button blue and plain?
This refers to the blue menu at the very right. It is the button at the top right for mobile. When clicked on, it shows a plain blue background.

If you got to your Profile and edit it to pick a main, that plain blue background will change and show your main instead (Not all mains have been finished but they will be done soon. We plan to add more elements that become themed by your selection.

Where can I find the forum rules and guidelines?
Please see this sticky post under the forum titled “Brawlspot.”
How do I know what forum I should post my topic on?
If you go to the main forum page, you will notice that every forum category has a question mark next to it. Simply hover (or touch on mobile devices) to see a description of what content belongs there. The description is also under the title of forum category page.
How do I tag someone on posts or comments?
You can tag another member by typing @ and then their username. If you start typing @, you will see a dropdown list of suggestions that you can pick from. For example, to tag chuyqwerty, just type @chuyqwerty.
How do I add those cute pixel emojis?
You just add a colon (:) before a legend name. See this post for a list of all emojis and their keys.
Where can I download those cool wallpapers?
Any downloadable content we create will be in the Legends section. Just click on any legend and choose the “Downloads” tab to see everything that is available.
Can I request a feature?
Yes, please do! We will do our best to implement all the useful feature requests, but please keep in mind that no one at Brawlspot gets paid and they have real lives. We are simply providing our time and services for free so please be patient with us.
Are there any restrictions to what we submit in the Fan Creations page?
We only ask that you submit only original works by you. Please do not steal other’s work. Also, please post REAL artwork. By that, we mean that you actually tried to seriously create your piece. Many people make funny ones that are not serious; those can be posted in the forums but not in this section. Also, please make sure the art work submitted is related to Brawlhalla. If anyone submits any pornographic material, your account will be deleted and your IP address will be banned.
How do I edit my Art, Tournaments, and Videos?
Just go to your profile and select the tabs titled “My Art”, “My Tourneys”, and “My Videos”. You will find the edit button under each of those tabs.
Do I have to play Brawlhalla to join Brawlspot?
No, but why in the world would you not play Brawlhalla…?


If you found any bugs or errors on the website, please contact the Webmaster directly.
Please use the form below for any other general inquiries.