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Our mission is to provide all your Brawlhalla information and meet all your Brawlhalla needs all in one spot, Brawlspot. We strive to be the best Brawlhalla fan-site around, so if there is any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

Using Brawlspot, members may create Tournaments, upload Fan Art, participate in Forums, learn about the Brawlhalla Legends, and more! We are more than just a website full of information, we are a community website that depends on the activity of its members. With that being said, if you want to support Brawlspot, you may do so by being active! :orion1

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* Combo/string list from AoiHono-BlueFlame.

* Awesome art found on the Fan Creation menu (on desktop version) by Juliana Chen.

* Awesome pixel emojis created by Lucky96u.
   See here for a list of all available commands.