In this video, I will be explaining what priority is and how it is used in Brawlhalla. If you talk to people and watch streams or youtube videos you probably have heard of the term priority. This term is used very loosely to basically say which move in brawlhalla normally hits first. There is no moves that actually has priority over another move where if you use that move then you will beat another certain move 100% of the time. Priority mostly depends on range and start up speed of your weapons.

TWKSmash spreadsheet:

A step by step guide on how to use basic sword combos.

Combos included are down light (dlight) side air, dlight down air, dlight recovery and dlight ground pound.

This guide is aimed at players new to sword who does not know the basic combos and want a detailed tutorial of each move which includes the damages you can do the combos at, ranges you can do combos at and even some timing to make it more clear for everyone.