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      What if you made it to where people can have their own little worlds or something of the sort where people can come and visit to see what type of maps you’ve created or even game modes to challenge you. Like your own little island that you can have and customize, maybe the legends can have their own statue or houses 🤷‍♂️. I don’t know but it would be cool if players of ourselves could make our own skins or color designs that we can sell on our island with like ranked tokens, some new type of online victory currency, gold, mammoth coins, etc. It would be really cool for players to have an island to add their own extra features to the game. Maybe clans could be a thing and there could be clan wars of different game modes or 3 vs. 3 clan wars. I don’t know, just some ideas I’d like to throw out there to see what you guys would do. I think these features would get more people to start playing the game, you never know. Maybe we could design our own characters with a certain amount of skill points and design but you can only use them in experimental unless they get approved but the creators of Brawlhalla. Maybe some special features that only people who spent one hundred dollars for the collectors pass and some of the holiday events could have some special island statues or something like that. It would also be cool to have some special stuff for your island in those 10 dollar packs you have during summer or Christmas. Also you could have your podiums our on your island with your characters of choice emoting, also your sidekicks would be flying around the island just chillin 😎. It would be cool if we could design our own KO Effects for a specific arena we have created. As you’ve read already it would be dope if we could create our own arena to fight on. King Of The Hill would be an awesome game mode to have added in. It’s a 1 vs. 1 and the winner gets to keep fighting until he/she is defeated. After someone loses they have to wait in the spectators mode until it is their turn to fight again. When someone wins they are the new king and has to keep fighting to keep that name or first. 🤷‍♂️ Something like that. Think about Mortal Combat Nine, I think the way they had their king Of The Hill made would be an awesome add on to this game as well. Instead of it being in a custom game it would be in some seperate servers… 🤷‍♂️ Something like that. At least give his one a try. It would be soooo much fun. Maybe he longer you are king the more gold you get. What if we had special events where we had to do a special challenge or set of challenges to unklock an event skin or color instead of all events being some Holliday colors and skins that we have to buy with only gold or mammoth coins. Not everyone is made of money to buy mammoth coins and it would be nice to get a little something that we can at least try and put some time in to earn to show it off instead of some plain colors that anyone can earn if they put tons of time into the game, they can get old and people want something new that they can get their hands on for free. Again, I’m just throwing out some ideas and was interested if you guys would give some of them a shot at. Hopefully KING OF THE HILL. DEFINITELY ADD THAT IN AT LEAST 😊👌👍🤝🤜🤛🤘🤞👋🤙… Hopefully you guys read this and at least considered adding something of the sorts of what I said. Thank you for this awesome free game 🤘. Good luck with the progress. PSN ~ X_Littledog70_X I’ve spent around at least $120 into this game. It’s a lot of fun but I was wishing there was something more I could put my time into… idk. Really I just want KING OF THE HILL or something.

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