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        Interesting Techniques for New and Old Players


      It’s a very simple bit of tech, but because of that it has a verity of uses aside from avoiding attacks. It’s second use is as a movement tool. Dodging at an opponent when you’re chasing them can make you catch up to them even if your character has a slower move speed. It is also a recovery tool. It is absolutely important for every player to know that you can use your dodge as an extra jump to get back on stage.

      Momentum or Chase Dodging:

      If you are moving at full speed or you just landed an attack then dodge you can start an attack during the dodge. It has created some combos and can be useful for ledge sliding and x-pivoting. There is a test feature that makes it so that, when you attack during the momentum dodge, you are invincible during your dodge until the first hit-box of the attack comes out, but it is not a part of the main game yet. This invincibility feature can be used with charged signature/heavy attacks.

      Gravity Canceling:

      You perform a gravity cancel by doing a neutral dodge (dodging without moving) and then doing any attack just after you start the dodge. If you do this correctly then, rather than doing the aerial move, it will do the ground version. For example if you did a Side Light then it would do the grounded version, but you’re floating in the air. This can be very useful in continuing or extending combos, as well as countering people who ledge guard you and getting back on stage depending on what signature moves your legend has. Realize that gravity canceling is very dangerous because it wastes a dodge which can be used to get back on stage. It takes a dodge about 3 times as long to recover than if you were on the ground or a platform.

      Slide Charging:

      All slide charging is is holding a heavy/signature move while you let the momentum from you moving forward carry you farther while you are still charging the attack. You can use this to slide off a ledge and use your signature/heavy off the edge of the map or in the air without wasting a dodge. However, if you do decide to dodge just before you start charging your attack you will go much farther forward.


      All X-pivoting is is slide charging, but you turn around before you attack.

      Fast Falling:

      This is a simple technique that just lets you fall a lot faster for repositioning, getting out of strings or messing up the opponent’s timing. All you need to do is hit down when you are at the height of your jump.

      Closing Statements:

      A lot of these are used to mess with and throw off your opponent. Get creative and see how you can use these, mix-up your playstyle and maybe even innovate. Make this game’s mechanics your play-thing.

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      I might add this to the Guides tab in the Legends section since this is a great guide for beginners.

      Thanks for taking the time to write this, man!

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