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      The Cerebral Gaming League (CBGL) is a Brawlhalla Clan aimed at competitive ranked game modes during our twitch livestreams (www.twitch.tv/cerebralgl), online games with fans during live streams, and orchestrating large scale tournaments that have commanded attention by developers and high ranked players. For more info about our tournaments, visit http://www.cerebralgl.com.

      Currently, clan entry is restricted to administrators such as myself (Nirecib) and the founders (JGridlock and Flaf). You can gain clan entry though by watching our live streams (we do giveaways all the time) and gaining enough CBGL points (our live stream currency) to join the clan. Alternatively, you can also participate in our monthly giveaways that yield many more prizes than just Community Color codes. In those giveaways, you can gain not only the CC codes, but you can also recieve clan spots and hopefully in-game cosmetics as well (hopefully).

      Just understand that our clan is very exclusive at this point in time, but we intend to open up much more in the future. In 2v2 ranked season 1, JGridlock and Flaf are diamond level players. Alongside 2v2 games, we tend to play custom online games with fans and live stream watchers. These two combined together usually end with a giveaway to give back to the community.

      This giving back to the community idea is where anyone wanting to join our clan should look for. Joining our massive gaming network that extends beyond Brawlhalla (usually when we aren’t in a stream) is a huge responsibility that requires dedication, patience, and tolerence for other players above all. If myself or any other high authority figure sees you poorly representing CBGL if you recieve a clan spot, don’t be surprised if someone more deserving takes your place. We aren’t asking for the best of the best in skill, but we call for the best of the best in these core values when comes to gaming. Respect for the game and the players come well before mastering it.

      With our expectations aside, if you manage to score a clan spot through our streams or if we decide to allow a few contributing members into the league, expect instant gratification for yourself because you will have bountiful amounts of enjoyment whether in our tournaments and twitch streams or in our highly competitive community!

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