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      I just found out about this site and am astonished by the quality of it. I just joined and will probably be posting my simplified legends I’ve been putting on the reddit. The main reason I’m even typing this is because I feel really flattered that you used my combo list (https://docs.google.com/document/d/16VFCiP6VOJ8C-39Rm4gRVSwOfGbN8d6gmHPEqt0yLgU/edit) to help flesh out the character guides.

      The one thing I have to caution you about is that some of the damage numbers may not be accurate. I’ve been trying to keep this up-to-date since I first made it back when Azoth was first introduced, but things have changed a lot since then. I’ve tried to keep up with it, but I honestly don’t know how accurate some of the damage numbers are anymore.

      I was also wondering if I could post these to the fan art page. I’m really only asking is because, even though I didn’t really try when I made them, people seem to like it and keep asking me to make their suggestions. I read the guidelines for fan art and was just curious on if this would actually be okay. I mean, all I’m really doing is getting rid of the lines that aren’t outlines then adding a gradient that fits. This is also, in part, addressed to the people who use brawlspot.

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      The only other things I have to say is that maybe you should have the abbreviations for the moves expand into the full version when you put your mouse over it and that this site just looks amazing. I can’t give the creator enough praise.

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      Hey thanks man! And thanks for that combo list. I have to give you credit and link your profile. And I figured the combo damage would be obsolete, but it is still a good starting point.

      I am glad you like the website. I am still adding content in since it is still pretty empty. So hopefully once we have more content, people will begin using the site later.

      About the fan art question, to be honest, not really sure if I would consider it fan art, since like you said, you are just taking out the lines.

      Really glad you like the site man! Maybe later when there is more content and I finish adding some new features I am currently working on, it will be active here. If you have other contributions like that awesome combo list you did, let me know, man!

      Thanks and happy to have you :orion1

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        I’m probably not going to post the simplified legends then and I’d probably make actual fan art, but I don’t have a drawing pad… and use a ball mouse for some reason. I’ll probably tell my friend Barry about this though. He’s already done a lot of fan art for the game (he made this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CiWG7UWWgAAHSwn.jpg). still I’ll try to contribute to the site and help it grow.

        I guess the lats thing that I noticed in the combo list is that SLight>DLight on spear is listed as a string. I checked my list and sure enough I had it as “not a true combo”. I know that it’s true at lower health levels, but idk how I managed to mess that up when I use it all the time.

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          Ok i will change that to true instead of string.
          And yeah, please ell him to upload his stuff and anyone else you know.

          Thanks a lot!

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      Just wanted to let you know I added the full text for all abbreviations when they are hovered over, like you mentioned above. Thanks for the suggestion!


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